Hello there helpful little princess unicorn! The cute little unicorn princess needs to cleanup her unicorn princess pet castle as it is all messy! Can you help the baby unicorn pet princess to clean her dirty and messy princess unicorn animal castle? If yes, then come and let’s help the unicorn princess to cleanup her unicorn castle house. This cleanup home princess game will make you feel good and you will want to clean your own room as well!

If you think that you can cleanup the unicorn princess’ house castle then come and help her! You will have to clean up her princess unicorn castle home bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and garden! Do you think you can help the unicorn little princess cleanup her dirty little pet unicorn castle home? She cannot do all the mopping and cleaning alone she needs your help! So get ready and get your broom! We are going for a princess unicorn castle housekeeping and cleaning adventure!

After you are done cleaning the pet unicorn princess’ room you will be able to unlock other unicorn princess pet castle rooms to cleanup! This amazing unicorn princess housekeeping castle game will allow you to show your best house maintenance cleaning skills. You will also have to clean up the little unicorn castle pet princess as well and give her a bath! If you think you can do all the maintenance cleaning then come on the little unicorn princess home cleanup cleaning game is waiting for you.

The cute graphics and animations will make you instantly want to help the little unicorn baby pet princess cleanup her dirty princess unicorn pet castle. The sound effects will immediately enhance your unicorn princess pet home cleanup experience and you will be immediately involved in home cleaning. So brush up your house maintenance cleaning skills and help the baby unicorn sweet princess clean up her princess cleaning house!

Pick up the garbage from the rooms and dispose it off in the garbage can.
Choose the room you want to cleanout of bedroom, kitchen, dress wash, garden cleaning, and bathroom.
Wipe and mop the floor so that unicorn princess can clean her room quickly!
Really cute and adorable animations that will make your heart melt.
Fix the fridge and clean it to protect it from germs. Make sure unicorn princess that you put all the things in their places.
Clean the garden and pick out weeds from the garden to make it look all pretty again.
Save the plants from the dangerous plant insects and bacteria! Don’t forget to water them.
The sweet sound effects will make this unicorn pet princess house cleaning experience even better for you.

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