Yay! This is the vacation time! Make your toon town vacations more adventurous and enjoyable!

Make your city town vacations memorable by making some exciting plans to visit different areas

of the toon town.a

Welcome to the wonderful story of the toon town vacations and visit different interesting toon

town scenes.

It’s time to enjoy your town vacation and explore attractive scenes of the town like beach,

Dinosaur park, Forest. The journey doesn’t end here. Visit the one of the Beautiful country,

EGYPT! Wow! Isn’t it amazing!!

Go and find some toon town resort hotel to book and start your journey!! Change your clothes

and visit the beautiful BEACH, WILD DINOSAUR PARk of the toon town.

Go and visit the eye-catching views of EGYPT!!

Make this toon town vacation more interesting, explore and unlock amazing scenes to make the

story more adventurous!!


Amazing toon town vacation game for kids

Amazing and adventurous scenes to visit

Attractive gameplay scenes to make the vacation more interesting

Hidden surprises in each scene of the toon town vacation

Tons of outfits to enjoy the vacation

Play and interact in 5 wonderful locations

Make the toon town vacation more adventurous

Free Play and more fun to explore

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