Play the super glitter rainbow slime shopping game to add some fun in your boring life. Play with the glitter six gallon squishy slime but first let’s buy the items needed for the super slime. This game will make you addicted as this fluffy slime simulator is all about the fun shopping of the glitter. Play with the squishy slime ball. Enjoy the magic of the anti stress slime simulator. Feel like that you are playing with the real slime.

Complete the target in the squishy super slime shopping and then pay the bill. Come and start buy super slime items from the store. Enter into the store and see the target to complete the six gallon slime shopping scene. There are different options to pick the items and put them into the bucket or trolley. Shop for the slime items so that you can play with different types of squishy toy ball, six gallon slime, glitter rainbow slime etc. Earn coins with every item purchased displayed on the target grid.

Enjoy the mini game of toys. Kids love to play with toys. Earn coins and unlock other various slime items to play with them. Enjoy the squishy slime ball with different colors but before playing with all these slimes. Let’s start the glitter slime shopping first. Go to the slime items store. pick the trolley or the basket to put the targeted slime items into it. the target items may include the ingredients for glitter slime, rainbow, simple, six gallon or the anti stress ball toy.

Now time to move to the playing scene after you have bought the items. Enjoy different fluffy slime animations and enjoy playing with them. Make different slime shapes and you can select different options for playing. Stretch and play with the glitter slime balls. Unlock all the options after earning the coins in the six gallon slime shopping store. Enjoy with different shapes of the glitter super slime: circle, heart, star or slimy random shape.


• Squishy slime shopping simulator

• Different slime items to select for playing

• Rainbow slime, glitter slime, six gallon slime, squishy slime ball

• Different shapes to select for playing with squishy slime: circle, heart, star, random shape

• Super slime fun exciting game

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