The sweet cookie maker bakery game is a fun game for kids. Do you love to eat little kitty cookie? If yes then you are at the right place. Let’s play this game of sweet dessert cooking, starting from the sweet bakery super market to buy the items for the cookie maker and go through the whole process of cookie bakery chef. Enjoy the tastiest dessert recipes with baking fever in the kitty house. You are the expert cute cat kitty bakery chef now. Be the skillful sweet cookie bakery chef and show your skills to make the best and yummy sweet food.

Let’s go to the super market first to buy the cookie maker items and pay the bill after that. Be careful in picking up the sweet bakery cookie ingredients into the trolley and pay the bill accordingly. Now let’s come back to the cute little kitty house to make all the preparation for the sweet cookie maker. Go to the baking kitchen and make the batter for the sweet bakery cookie make. Mix all the ingredients that you have bought from the super market. Add butter, flour to mix. Then add eggs to beat. Add some cream and essence and start beating it.

Now it’s time for the baking kitchen cleaning in the kitty house. Start cleaning it. Wipe up the dirt and stains from the kitchen floor and counter. Time to move to the cookie bakery shop to make the kitty cookie mold. Pour down the batter into the mold, make a shape of the little kitty. Put the mold into the oven. Wait for the cookies to bake. While cookie baking, the cute kitty is sleeping for some time. Kitty is seeing a dream of the donut bakery. So she went to the sweet bakery shop donut house to collect the donuts.

The sweet dessert cookie bake is ready to eat now. Little Kitty has now awaken from the dream and come back to the sweet bakery shop to complete the cookie with some decoration. Complete the decoration by making the cute cat kitty face through variety of different options. The sweet cookie is ready now!! Enjoy the yummy kitty cookie maker game with the colorful HD graphics and gameplay. You are the expert sweet bakery chef in the baking kitchen.


Start the cute kitty cookie maker game

Select the scene among 4 sweet bakery scenes

First buy items for the sweet dessert from super market

Mix all the ingredients and clean up the baking kitchen

Go to the bakery shop to put the mold into the oven

Complete the decoration after cookie bake


Interactive gameplay kitty house environment

4 scenes to select for the sweet cookie maker

Simple ingredients to make sweet dessert

Colorful HD graphics

Amazing baking kitchen house

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