Do you ever wanted to make the ice cream in the dessert maker factory? Do you want to make different kinds of ice creams like the ice popsicles, ice cones and ice scoop? Bring your fantasy to life with different flavors of icy dessert recipes!! Start and be the sweet dessert maker now. You will going to start learning how to cook sweet icy dessert with this DIY game. Get a chance to learn and make the frosty ice dessert in the ice cream maker factory. Make the perfect sweet summer dessert to become the icy dessert chef. The sweet dessert maker with frosty ice is the fun game that brings you the collection of the largest ice cream maker factory with the tastiest dessert recipes.

Do you love to make the sweet frozen dessert in the best kids cooking game? Enjoy the endless fun of the icy dessert maker fun in fun ice cream maker factory. Tie up your dessert chef apron now and make the yummy sweet icecream now. Make your customers and manager happy with the best dessert maker recipes in town. This free DIY game will teach you how to cook the perfect ice cream in the dessert maker factory. Come and download this best kids learning fun activity game. Show your skills and be careful about the time limit as it goes really fast when you get busy yourself in making the yummy frosty icy dessert. Be the owner of your own sweet dessert cooking factory and do the best ice cream toppings that you have in the ice cream factory.

You are the frozen icy dessert maker of the ice popsicle and the icecream scoop. The ice cream maker is a lot of fun and when it comes to running the ice cream factory. With this cooking game you can start the ice frozen dessert making and match the ice cream orders so your customers can be happy. Complete the order before time is running out. Move to the next level with the tighter time limit as well as the endless orders of the ice cream icy dessert making recipes. Unlock the other levels after completing the previous levels. So with this free dessert cooking game, why not try your hand at matching ice cream orders to see if you can run a frozen dessert ice cream factory!

Download this free how to cook icy dessert recipe. Use the professional sweet ice frozen dessert maker chef tools and the skills in this free kids DIY game. Become the part of this yummy frosty ice making dessert ice popsicle. The best sweet icy dessert chef is in town now so prove yourself and make the perfect frozen dessert with different ingredients. We have launched the game you have played in your dream only. Enjoy this fun ice cream maker factory game where everyone can enjoy the yummy dessert recipes in a friendly environment. Make this dream of becoming the best owner of the sweet frosty icy dessert. Learn how to cook.

Enjoy making the sweet ice frozen dessert with delicious recipes and become the famous dessert chef in the town. Enjoy tons of fun! Step into the cute sweet dessert icecream factory to make your own tasty desserts! Mixing all the ingredients together, learn how to cook your icy desser as well as adding the final finishing topping touches to it. The ice cream maker is so much fun. You will also have the chance to make your very own frozen dessert.

Tap to play the ice cream maker factory game
Select the level among upto 50 levels
Complete the order within the time limit
Different flavors for the ice cream maker
Finish the icy dessert with amazing toppings
Take your yummy dessert for the testing
Make different types of ice cream: ice popsicle, icecream cone and scoop
Realistic sweet icy dessert factory environment
Different types of ice cream to make
Different flavors to make: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla
Delicious and tempting ice cream topping to decorate
Colorful and amazing HD graphics

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