Are you fond of eating the white chocolate cake? But first, let’s do the sweet dessert cake maker first! Become the professional sweet food maker dessert chef now by making the perfect chocolate cake. The sweet bakery fun game brings you the collection of the largest dessert food maker cake recipes for you and enjoy the game for free. Just download the dessert maker game and start cake baking now. It will be fun. This free DIY game will make you the best expert of the dessert cooking. Kids will love to learn how to cook the white chocolate cake. Learn to be the best dessert chef in the sweet bakery in the best way. Use your cake making skills to bake the perfect dessert food now.

Download this ice cream cake maker game now and get the best dessert recipes. Kids will definitely enjoy this game and get addicted to it. The best sweet dessert chef is in town now so prove yourself and make the perfect chocolate cake with different ingredients. Make the ice cream pop for the decoration of the cake. Open a sweet bakery shop now and be the expert of the chocolate cake maker in dessert cooking game. We have launched that type of food maker game that you have imagined to play in your dream only. Use the professional sweet food maker tools for the white chocolate cake.

Make your dream come true to be the best dessert food maker bakery chef. Enjoy the user friendly environment by following the tutorials for the instruction of how to cook the sweet dessert food. The game is very easy to play as if you are not an expert sweet cake maker, you can follow the guidelines to make the yummy white chocolate ice cream cake. You are the owner of your own sweet bakery shop where you are the professional ice cream cake maker.

Enjoy the fun learning sweet bakery game so download it now. The best kids learning educational game is now here!! Go and make the chocolate ice cream cake now. Enjoy making the dough and baking the sweet dessert with delicious recipes and become the famous baker in the town. Enjoy tons of fun! Step into the cute sweet dessert bakery shop to make your own tasty desserts! Mixing all the ingredients together, learn how to cook your desserts. The cake bake food maker is so much fun. You have the chance to make your very own white chocolate ice cream cake.

Follow different steps of sweet dessert food maker to make the chocolate cake now. Mix the ingredients together and pour into three different bowls to add the food color in different bowls like green, yellow and pink. Now pour the colorful pop and put it in the freezer. Wait for some time. Take out the white chocolate pop. The perfect pops are ready to be in the chocolate cake.

Now pour the cookie mixture into the loaf tray through tongs. Add the pop above the cookie mixture into the loaf tray. Add the remaining cookie mixture on to the top of the loaf tray. Now place the loaf pan in to the ice box to prepare the ice cream white chocolate cake. Take out the loaf pan from the ice box after some time. The white chocolate ice cream cake is now ready to eat!!

Tap to play the sweet food maker game
Follow the instructions of the cake making
Beat all the ingredients to make the perfect white chocolate mixture and different food color to it
Make the mixture for the white chocolate
Mix the ingredients and pour into the loaf tray
Make the layers: cookie mixture, white chocolate pop
Wait for some time until the cake is fully ready

Realistic sweet cake maker kitchen environment
Colorful and amazing HD graphics
3 food colors to make the colorful white chocolate
Follow the instructions
Best chocolate ice cream cake maker recipes

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