It’s time to have some fun! Time for the hip hop dance battle in the best gymnastic game. Be the super gymnastic girl and show the world how to become the super girl in the dance battle competition fun.

Go for the dance school for the training and get ready for the super gymnastic dance battle. Get ready for the ultimate super girl dance battle and win the competition. Be the super gymnastic dance star. Train yourself first and start the makeover to get ready for the super gymnastic street dance battle. Everyone is waiting for your dance.

Go to the dance training school for the practice of the gymnastic dance battle. Practice for the stretch and jump in the training school.

Win the medal and be the gymnastic girl in the world’s best dance school. Go for some makeover and put on the make up to get ready for the ultimate dance battle fun. Now, its time for the hairstyle. Choose different hairstyling options and dresses that will suit you for the gymnastic girl. Get ready for the super gymnastic dance now. Wear your favorite shoes and bands that go with your outfit.

Congratulations! All your hard work has finally paid off, you have now made it to the gymnastic final dance battle competition! Time for the competition. Do some stunts, jump, stretch, flip and roll over the sticks. Complete your way to gold medal now! Practice enough to win that medal in the gymnastic dance battle. Your dream has finally come true!

Wear the sparkling gymnastic outfits and shine like a gymnastic girl in the dance floor. This is the biggest competition of the year! Be your own choreographer teacher and make your way towards the final battle.



6 Scenes to get to the final gymnastic dance battle

3 different gymnastic girl

Dress up like a super gymnastic girl and put on some make up, hairstyle to compete on the gymnastic dance school

Get in shape and practice for the gymnastic hip hop dance

Perform 6 dance moves on the dance floor.

Compete with other super gymnastic girl and win the competition

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