Get new learning experience for your little kid in this cute baby phone toy fun kids learning game. This is an educational baby phone game for your little toddler where he gets to learn about the numbers, alphabets and much more. This cute baby phone toy fun music game will entertain your baby, kids, toddlers and the entire family for hours. Playing this cute baby toy fun phone your kid can explore different animals. Your child can check the appearance of animals with funny pictures with their images.

Experience learning numbers for preschoolers. Playing with cute baby toy phone for babies your toddler will get to study numeric digits for kids: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Your little toddler phone suggests to press a certain combination of numbers to call a certain animal. Cute baby toy fun phone will develop a sense to think logically, attentively and can memorize the data. With baby phone fun game your cute little toddler will recognize animal by their sounds and voices, while pushing the buttons of his baby phone games. This cute baby fun toy phone will be a perfect learning game for crazy kids where they can learn, enjoy and play at the same time.

So download the amazing kids learning fun baby phone game and make your little toddler more intelligent and enhance his intelligence skills as well. Cute baby toy phone is also promoting some context of education. Cute baby phone toy fun is clearly attractive for little kids as we have installed the amazing colorful effects with amazing sounds of different animals, alphabets and numeric digits.


Amazing colorful HD graphics with amazing sounds.
Kids learning fun game.
Variety of menus such as alphabets, callings, animal sounds, numerics digits.
Variety of educational and fun learning experience for your little toddler.
Mesmerizing music effects.
Attractive colorful features.
Smooth and easy gameplay.

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