Painting and color brings the world full of art forms with a variety of beautiful colors. The beautiful color includes a toy for children to enhance their creative skills through children’s coloring sessions. Drawing and color is a creative art based on children’s theme with drawing tools and coloring tools Let’s start with the random color difference make each stroke a drawing full of pleasant surprise.

A stroke drawing will draw every child into a free fantasy world. The paint brushes are used in color luster, free stickers, and art of drawing in the clouds and color. The kindergarten children’s skills group learns through the concepts of creative art. Drag and color game is a coloring book specific freely. Children’s coloring is the main focus of the game.

Painting tools such as paint brushes, scintillation pens and free stickers are available to attract children’s joy. What are you guys waiting for? Download Draw and Color and experience some of the new children’s learning sessions for your children in kindergarten.


Beautiful drawing tools with colors that affect graphics

Colorful tools for coloring and drawing views

Availability of free posters

Form art features

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