Welcome to the Baby Pet Dressup & Bathing! Give these cute little animals a pet wash and make them dirt free and happy little animals again. You will feel a sense of satisfaction after giving a pet wash dressup bathing to these messy pets. These adorable little pet animal will instantly make you fall in love with them. Their big eyes and cute faces will make you pet wash them as soon as possible! Baby Pet wash dressup is very easy to play! So, it will not take long for you to get hooked to it. You will take a little pet in your pet care and wash them with love, fun and some soap! These messy baby pets dressup bathing would be looking dirty but, they will also be looking really cute. It would be really hard for you to not instantly pet wash them in your pet care. What are you waiting for? Take them in your baby pet care and give them a baby pet wash bathing!

How to get started? It’s a very easy to play game for children. First, you will be able to choose your own cute little animal pet! You can select any little pet animal out of a baby fox, a baby rabbit, a baby penguin, a baby parrot and a baby bear for pet wash. Select your favorite pet and give him a pet wash in your pet care! After choosing your messy pets, take them to your pet care. There swat the bees around them and clean the crumbs or egg shells stuck to them. Then wash off the dirt on them by washing them with soap. Rinse them with water but hurry! Because these little pets do not like water. Quickly dry them with a towel to make them happy pet animal again. These messy pets will eventually become happy pets!


Choose your own little animal in your pet care!

Swat the bees off the virtual pets!

Pick out the crumbs or egg shells off the little pets.

Scrub off the dirt!

Wash the cute pet with soap in your pet care.

Then wash him with water, but be quick because the cute baby pets do not like to get wet.

Dry your virtual pet with towel to make him a happy pet again!

Cute pets make you instantly happy.

Adorable new set of clothes in pet care for the little pets.

High quality HD graphics and sweet sound effects.

Easy to play and easy to understand game for children!

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