Let’s do some house chores today. Let the girls enjoy the clothes cleaning games. It’s time to wash the dirty clothes now and have fun. Let’s learn how to wash clothes. Enjoy the fun with the mom baby laundry game. The baby toys are dirty. Mom needs to wash them as well in the washing machine. Enjoy the toys and clothes cleaning fun now and start the learning process of the washing, ironing and folding. It’s fun and exciting! Start the clothes cleaning fun time in the house simulator with the mom baby.

Enjoy different scenes in the house chores with cleaning, hanging, ironing and putting in the cupboard. First the mom baby needs to wash the dirty clothes, then hang them for dry in the open air of the house. Iron clothes after they are dried. Lastly, put all the clothes and the toys in the cupboard. Enjoy these clothes washing game now and clean your house from dirty stingy clothes.

Baby needs to help the mom in the laundry room. The dirty stinky clothes are put in the basket for some clean washing laundry. Put the dirty clothes in the washing machine and add some laundry detergent into the washing machine. Put the coins in the washing machine to start it. Wait for a while to another pool of colored clothes in to the machine to wash clothes cleaning fun. Kids and girls will have fun in playing this game by washing their dirty toys and clothes.

Play the mini game of collecting different types of clothes i-e, colored or white, earn coins by collecting the correct types of clothes and put them into the laundry basket. Earn coins and enjoy the clothes and toys washing fun game. Enjoy the exciting experience of your laundry process to clean up the messy dirty clothes.


• Fun and easy to play clothes laundry game

• Play different scenes in the whole washing process

• Amazing and addictive fun house environment

• 4 scenes to play in the cleaning fun game

• Amazing animations of the washing machines, clothes ironing

• Mini game to earn coins

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