Welcome to the new baby wild animal pet care nursery where you can feed, bath, check up to your favorite virtual animal pet. Groom your baby pet nursery animal in your very own animal care nursery. This is the fun filled cute pet happy animal care game. Download and enjoy the jungle animal baby pet care. You have got the chance for the care, feed, dress up and salon as well. Perform different activities to care the newborn baby pet nursery animal daycare. If you are the baby pet lover, then you will be going to love this cute wild animal baby pet nursery daycare simulator.

Enjoy the care of different pet animals. Start your day to become the loved one cute pet babysitter. Provide the baby pet nursery animal with his favorite food items. If it is injured, give him the proper treatment. Give the cute puppy pet a bath. Play with the cute bunny pet, baby lion, and other cute pet animal in the playground. Enjoy the virtual jungle animal care in the cute pet daycare. After that, clean the dirt and wash them properly. Become the best animal care babysitter and make the baby pet a happy animal.

Experience the interactive gameplay with high resolution graphics. Love the newborn cute baby pet nursery wild animal now and start caring them today. Have fun with all the virtual wild animal in the baby pet nursery. This is an amazing game, enjoy everything in this addictive gameplay. There is so much fun in this cute pet jungle animal care game. Feed them properly and don’t give them food that they don’t like. Be the owner of the virtual animal daycare.

Cute baby jungle animal care simulator
10 different happy animals to select
Random scene selection of the baby pet animal care
Unlock all the scenes through rewarded video
Variety of items to select in each scene for the baby care
User interactive gameplay controls

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